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Michelle: Midsommar Has Begun!

Anne and I are going over to Elizabeth's house to spend the night. When we get there, the house doesn't look like her house in real life at all- it's a big, plain wooden house that somewhat looks like the house from Courage the Cowardly Dog on the outside. Inside, it consists of big, empty concrete rooms, some lacking any light source. Elizabeth tells us her husband is on his way back to the house with Taco Bell. He also went to check their dog (Jackle)'s parentage, so he'll tell us all about it when he gets home. Elizabeth said he would be home soon and went to a front room to wait on him. I notice car lights pass by a window. I tell Anne I need to go to the bathroom before we eat and ask her to go with me- this house gave me the creeps!

We hurry to the bathroom. The bathroom is an enormous concrete room that consists of four large "toilets"- thick, square concrete basins with a drain in the middle, remnants of past bathroom activity just sitting in the basin- and no doors.There is no light source, however light from an adjacent room filters through one of the doorways and illuminates on side of the room. The other side is pitch black. Naturally I rush to the lit side, but Anne beats me to it and sits on the toilet. Annoyed, I find a toilet on a side wall that is between the light and dark side and sit down. The way to use the toilet was to sit on the ledge of the basin and do your business into it, letting everything trickle down the side and flow to the center where the drain was. However, the basin was so large that the drain in the center was several feet away from the ledge, so the toilet mostly acted as a concrete receptacle for human waste- gross!

I finished peeing and was about to grab the toilet paper roll sitting on the ledge next to me when Anne, who had finished a lot sooner than me, grabbed the roll and threw it across the room. Irritated, I ask her to bring it back to me. She just laughs. I get up, keeping my pants and underwear down at my ankles for some reason, and toddle around the room, trying to grab other rolls sitting on other toilets but being unsuccessful, as Anne would sprint ahead of me and throw each roll to other parts of the room.

Elizabeth's husband suddenly walked into the bathroom and told us the food was here. I shriek in embarrassment and run to the dark side of the room to hide. He laughs and tells me if I wanted some privacy I should've shut the door. Both he and Anne leave. I'm fuming! Anne shouldn't have wasted my time like that, and Elizabeth's husband shouldn't have just walked in! There weren't even doors for me to shut in the first place! I clean myself up and was about to go meet everyone when I noticed white envelopes sitting on a coffee table in another room. I knew these to be the results of Jackle's parentage. The first envelope says his father was a German Shepherd. The second says his mother was a border collie born during the "Midsommar." I immediately think of the movie and become uneasy. In the movie, the Midsommar ritual is quite deadly, so I worry Jackle might have some dangerous ties to the people who practice it. Anne walks in to check on me and I tell her we need to leave!

We run back through the bathroom to get to the front of the house when we're stopped by a small group of people (adults and children) wearing the white cloth outfits and flower crowns worn in the movie. A woman walks towards us, smiling wide, and cupping something in her hands outstretched toward us. When she got closer, I noticed it was a large centipede curled up into a spiral. Anne shrieks and bats the woman's hands away. The woman looks furious, then turns into a puff of black smoke that tries to enter Anne's nose and mouth. I swat at the smoke and manage to get it to dissipate. I warn Anne that the Midsommar ritual is meant to sacrifice us, so we must avoid contact with everyone! More people around us poof! into black smoke and dart around the room at lightning speeds.

We run to the front of the house but are stopped by another woman. She is also cupping a large, curled-up centipede in her hands and is bringing it toward us, smiling wide. I smack the thing out of her hands and shove her away from Anne and me. She drops her head a little, and I notice her lips curl away to reveal a corpse-like smile. She begins to float, her hair waving around her head as if in water. She looks back up at me, eyes wide with her pupils constricted to small points. She outstretches her arms as if clawing at me then rushes at me, her mouth twisted into a wide yell as she lets out a banshee-like shriek. I scream in terror and put my arms out to keep her away. Then I woke up!


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