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Elizabeth: Where is my car?

I park my car up and walk away from it. I am going in to work where I am part of the crew of a historical themed movie. There is a dinner meeting of the National Honor Society at school the following day, the first meeting since Covid started. A couple ladies who can't go bring me casseroles to take to the meeting. I'm annoyed to have to carry them around, and I don't even really want to go to the meeting, but I agree to do it. I am helping one of the actresses with a prop. She is handing an actor a tie, but it's all wrong. For one, the tie is very modern, and the piece is set in the 1700s. Also, the tie is kind of ratty. Just as I am trying to explain why it won't work for the film, a speaker is introduced to the room. I am in a large auditorium and a man begins to speak. Although he is hurried along at first, he drones on and on. His topic is "Native American History and Portrayal in Film." The topic is interesting enough, but he's not an engaging speaker, he's just reading to us from a book. It goes on for an hour and a half before I excuse myself because I need to "get these casseroles to the house." I am walking around looking for my car and I realize that I have no idea where I parked it. I have a map with me, but I can't seem to make any sense of it. I remember buying a cantaloupe from the farmers market right after I parked, but I can't find that either. It occurs to me that I may have the spot right, but the wrong time. As in, I may have parked in the past instead of in the present. It was very complicated.


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