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Elizabeth: The Child's Tomb

I have entered a child's tomb with my parents and sibling. (They are not people I recognize, just people I understand to be my parents and sibling). The tomb is 100 years old and is about a five foot cube void in a stone space with dirt floor. The child is buried in the dirt there with a stone slab over the spot.

On top of the stone slab, we see that its parents left food for the afterlife - specifically a fruitcake with marinated horse meat on top. I know that rats have been in there crawling all over the food, but they didn't eat anything, just scuttled around over top of it. My parents decide they want to eat the food. I try to explain why that's a bad idea - it's a kid's grave food, it's too old, it's horsemeat fruitcake, and the rats would have left their diseases all over it. They won't give up the idea, and my sibling and I decide that they have to be shut up in the tomb and left.

I leave the tomb area and I am in a school. I meet the principal and he seems like a really unlikely fellow. There's no nice way to describe him, so I'm just going to do the best I can. He seemed like an unkempt and unwashed, obese, video-game obsessed stoner boy. He was even wearing a big black t-shirt and torn sweatpants to work. It just didn't seem normal. But, after we started talking to him, we could tell that he was very intelligent and caring, and we understood why he was in that position. Still, he needed to dress the part a bit better.

I had a new device I was piloting: a UV tooth sanitizer. One of my missions during the year was going to be to treat all the children regularly with this device to try and improve their dental condition.

I had acquired a beautiful Art Nouveau church in my hometown. Unfortunately, because it had been shut up due to Covid, squirrels had taken over the sanctuary and were going to have to be removed.


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