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Elizabeth: House Party

My husband's extended family is all coming over for a big party. In real life, I really like them, but in this dream I am really upset to be having everybody over. I want to hide but I don't want to embarrass myself or him. I try to act like I have some things to do and go upstairs. The stairs are solid and carpeted, but also kind of twist up into the upper house. The house has a ground floor, a middle floor, and a 2nd floor. It's a little like Marie's house, with the bathroom and smaller two bedrooms on the middle floor and the larger two bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The stairs and landing are strange, and it's more convenient to sort of crawl through a gap to get to the middle floor than walk all the way to the landing and go through the proper archway. I reach the middle floor and I'm appalled at the state of the carpet. It's old, red carpet that's faded to a rose color. The carpet is matted with pet hair, dirt, crumbs, and bits of filth. I know all the carpet up here is that bad, and I realize that all the carpet downstairs is the same. I'm met with a new level of humiliation and desperation. I start to walk back downstairs (the right way, through the arch) and I spot two wreaths hanging on the multi-floor wall of the stairs. I notice that one of them is absolutely covered in giant, hairy spiders. The spiders are about the size of a fist and range from brown to black. I get a broom to swat the spiders down and I plan to step on them. The wreath falls to the ground at the first swat and the spiders scatter everywhere. To my horror - they take flight. In that moment I feel a little silly for being afraid of spiders when before, they had a mostly 2-D threat and now I'm faced with the true terror of 3-D capable spider assault.


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