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Elizabeth: Anne is Cold

I'm staying in a hotel room after a conference. The size of the room and the number of people in it seem to increase frequently as I take in the space, but in the end, I realize there's me, my husband, a daycare owner, 4 children, Marie, Otis, Michelle, and Anne. At first, it seems like there are only two beds and that everybody has to squeeze in, but then I see that there are two empty ones. I suggest some of my family move into the two extra beds. People take their spots, but Anne is freezing! How miserable to be freezing while trying to sleep! I get up and rummage through a cupboard by the bathroom but I don't see any spare blankets. I see what looks like a really filthy comforter sham, she won't like that. In the back I spot what looks like a normal, although rough, blanket. I instruct her to get in the bed, and I place her normal bed cover over her. I unfurl the rough blanket to lay it over her and I realize that it's actually a flattened cardboard box. Not only that, it's a pizza box with a little bit of grease stain. But, layers are layers, and I think it'll keep her a little bit warm if I put it over her legs and she stays really still. Also, this is no ordinary pizza pox - this is a Ruby Rose memorial box. Someone had cut out a photo of Ruby Rose after she died, glued it to the box, and then people who stay in the hotel room sign it an write an uplifting message. It's probably valuable.

Otis immediately rolls his eyes and can't believe my stupidity at putting a pizza box over her to keep her warm. I feel defensive and snap at him.


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