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Elizabeth: A Slippery Struggle and Some Small Students

I am outdoors in a strange feeling place near the ocean. There is a hill between me and the water, and rivulets of water are rushing towards the ocean as the water recedes. I'm afraid that if I stick my foot in a stream it will suck me out to sea. I am trying to move towards a doorway. The area I'm in feels more like a giant enclosed nature display than the real outdoors. Between me and the doorway is a wide expanse of smooth earth, slight sloping upwards towards the door. The ground feels like packed, hard clay that is perfectly smooth and also wet, from the water that had been covering it before the tide went out. I am trying to reach the door, but I can't get a foothold anywhere. I'm on all fours trying to get a grip somehow but I just slide further away from the door every time I try to get closer. In the end, I manage to kick/punch into the clay to create something to push against. There's a feeling of sinking in, but I make it to the door. The door is the real-door at the top of the stairs at my step-grandparents' house. I'm covered in slippery clay and all I can think about is getting in the shower and cleaning off. At least a dozen people live in the house, and people are really strict about using their assigned bathroom and towel. The only towel I have is one that's covered in clay, so I figure I can try to rinse it off in the shower and wring enough water out that I can dry myself with it too. I go to a bathroom that is between the kitchen and an actual bathroom and try to clean up.

Later on, I am a teacher in an elementary classroom in a compound where everyone lives, works, and attends school. It's a large compound, and I ordinarily have 20 students in my class. For some reason, I am moving class to my apartment - and I'm delighted. I think the lighting is better in the apartment, or something. I arrange the classroom how I want it and everyone sits down. The students are elementary age versions of the students I taught it alternative school last year. They are little terrors, and I know they are, but that's not relevant to the dream. When I look around the room as I see that my arrangement won't work because it doesn't allow for enough social distancing. I look at the space and, with the couch and bed in there, I don't think there's any way to fit that many desks in a socially distant way. I'm frustrated and I don't know what to do.


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