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Anne: We've Entered the Twilight Zone

Robert, this random brunette girl, and I are involved in a plane crash into a park. Just before the plane crashes, it pauses. The plane hovers between two trees for a second and we are transported into another dimension. The brunette and I are standing secure on the ground. The park is the same with a few minor changes. For one, it is smaller but the park is surrounded by a city (picture central park in New York). The trees are shifted and the sky is an ominous yellow. I learn that Robert has died and they put the remains of his body into a red suitcase with a few of his keepsakes. They warn me not to open the suitcase because they had to chop his body up in order to fit all the pieces inside. The detectives tell me that I need to return the suitcase to his parents so we can have a proper burial. I am not convinced he is dead as I open the suitcase anyway and his body looks puppet-like. I am reminded of the episode of Stranger Things where the government creates a fake version of Will for the autopsy. Robert's body pieces look like they are made of Styrofoam and have been painted. Still, I know to guard this suitcase with my life.

The brunette and I go to my parents' house so I can tell them the news. We walk into the basement and I set the red suitcase down. We go back upstairs to talk and visit with my parents. When we come back down, I see an old man rummaging through the suitcase.

He has shoulder length, gray hair and is very thin. I run up to him and start yelling at him because he is trying to steal the contents of the suitcase. The old man takes what is "Robert's" head and torso along with a set of silver spoons with a floral design on the bottom. I get a horrible feeling about this man. In tears, I tell him that this suitcase is all I have left of Robert and that he can't take these things away. I beg him to stop because I want something to remember Robert by and his parents deserve to bury their son. The man laughs at me and leaves the spoons and what's in the remainder of the suitcase and disappears. I sigh in relief and rush to tell the brunette about what happened. She is cleaning the basement bathroom. She pauses for a moment and gives me a worried look. She tells me that this man is magical and can shape shift into anything as long as he has something of that person's. I remember I left the suitcase unguarded and run back into the main living area of the basement. The suitcase is gone and has a pillow in its place. I fall to my knees and cry. I feel defeated. The brunette rushes to my aid and tells me that if we can find the man, we can get the suitcase back and destroy him. She walks me into the bathroom so I can wipe my face off and we see an old Asian lady sitting on the toilet fully clothed. The lady is wearing a white sweater and khaki pants. She is knitting with light blue yarn. I know this to be the magic man and punch him in the face. He laughs and switches into his old-man form. I punch him again and tell him to give me the suitcase back. I call him a truly evil man because I have nothing left of Robert anymore in this world. He disappears.

I walk back into the living area hoping he has returned the suitcase. There is a skinny brunette girl with a tie-dye shirt and running shorts. I know this is him and charge at the shape-shifter. He grabs onto me and tells me that if I leave this dimension, Robert might be alive in another one. However, I need the suitcase in order to do this, but he would be willing to help me for a price.


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