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Anne: Virtual Reality

I am in a museum with many other people. I recognize a few of the faces to be people I graduated high school with. The museum is bluish in color with metal railings and large glass windows. I do not see anything through the windows so I am assuming it is nighttime. We reach a room that appears empty but the window seems off to me. It glitches for a second and I see sunlight and a beautiful meadow through it. I look around and notice that no one seems phased by it, so I must be the only one who sees it. I leave my tour group to investigate. I push my hands to the window in a similar fashion to Sarah maneuvering through the secret spaces in the Labyrinth. I enter into a large room that almost seems like paradise. There are large, glass windows and a beautiful french door that lead to an outdoor scene. There are beautiful multi-colored trees surrounded by flowers. I can feel the warmth of the sun hit my body as I wander near a flowing stream.

I open the french doors and walk out into a wild paradise. I hear the buzzing of bumblebees and see fairies flying near the flowers. I see a large yellow tree in a clearing and walk towards it. A fairy stops me and tells me that I have taken advantage of a glitch in reality. This is what the world really looks like. I hear footsteps behind me and look to see my boyfriend, Robert (in this dream we are strangers). He is equally just as confused as I am. The fairy tells us that we can enjoy our time here but it will not last long. Time moves quicker here than it does in the reality that we know.

I introduce myself to Robert. He tells me about this building he found on his way here and that we must go explore it. I try to hurry seeing as I have no idea how much longer I am allowed in this world. As we're walking, the seasons begin to change. The leaves on the trees turn more gold and red than before. I feel a cool breeze and shiver. Robert gives me his jacket and takes my hand. He helps me up a tall stone step that leads to what looks like the ruins of a stone building. He leads me to a large open room lined with bookshelves and old books. A giant stain glass window takes up the only intact wall. He tells me that he read a book here before we found each other that reminded him of me. He hands me a rubber duck wearing a navy blue cardigan and a pink hat. I find one on the floor that has a red bow-tie. He takes it and we walk back to the fairy land.

The windows begin to fog and glitches occur that resemble that of the museum. Frantically I take hold of the rubber duck that Robert gave me. He tells me he loves me and that we have to find each other. The fairy tells us that any memories we have of this place will disappear forever. However, the rubber ducks will still stay with us even after we leave. I tear up and tell Robert that I will find him when we return wherever that may be. He tells me to hold onto the rubber duck and that we will find each other that way. The building begin to crumble and the sun dissipates.


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