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Anne: To Galapagos We Go!

Let me preface this with the fact that I was watching a YouTube commentator late last night before bed. His video was on this very cheesy dating show which ultimately translated into my dream.

The dream begins with me at a school. Michelle, a former coworker of mine (KV), a former colleague of mine from school (LM), and I are all at a lunch table. We're in a cafeteria that looks fairly empty. Apparently we are judges for some dating show. The contestants come out and it is very slim pickings. Another girl from my school, CB, is the main contestant. She has five men to choose from. The one she ends up picking looks strangely like the actor who played Charlie from lost (or Merry from LOTR depending on which one you know). We're in charge of their first date. KV and I go to the back of the cafeteria to speak with the chefs in the kitchen (apparently this is a very fancy school). We walk in and the whole scene is dark, lit by candles. There are old wooden tables. I keep saying this place looks like the leaky cauldron from Harry Potter. The chef is a young man, probably in his 30s. He has shoulder length, blond, curly hair. I politely ask him when the food is ready and he says he is just preparing dessert. I see giant rice krispie treats and become excited. He hands me two and tells me to run along. I exit the kitchen with KV and she is laughing at me.

Michelle, KV, and I sit down as I eat my rice krispies. We sit with the other contestants one of which is another boy from my high school, PS. PS asks us why he didn't get picked and if he could go on another show. KV tells him that he would just have to wait and see. He gets up and tells me to go with him to the principal's office. I roll my eyes and agree. The principal tells me that as punishment, I have to accompany our science teacher on a mission to the Galapagos Islands.

The teacher and I have to go by helicopter and we get there in under 30 minutes. I remember questioning this because the Galapagos Islands are much farther from Kentucky than this especially in a helicopter. She tells me that we are collecting fish to understand evolution. The island has a dock that extends into a large lake (again, questioning if this is really the Galapagos Islands). There is a bay area surrounded by rocks attached to the lake. I ask the teacher why we are collecting fish from the bay and not the lake. She informs me that rocks created a geographic barrier that made dispersal difficult. She is testing to see if the founder effect is in play and how the genetic variation is in this bay (this is actually a real-life evolutionary concept). I look at the fish and see them multiplying into various colors. Purple ones arise and seem to be the dominant species. I am amazed at how quickly we can observe evolution. The teacher hands me a radio and tells me to press the button to find our extraction point. The radio looks like an old landline phone covered in various buttons. I don't know which button to press and she gets annoyed. I see one marked with R and press it.

I hear a helicopter in the distance. She tells me to collect our things. The helicopter begins to smoke and I see it crash in the water. I yell to my teacher that I think the men inside are hurt. I see the men emerge from the lake and try and push their helicopter over to the dock. I gather our things and wait patiently. A group of teenagers approach the dock and say they're coming too. Michelle is with them and says she has been annoyed the whole time and demands they don't sit with us. The men are working on the helicopter and say that it is probably okay to take back up into the air. I tell them I would rather wait here for another one because I need to return to Robert. Plus, I am very mistrusting of this helicopter seeing as it just crashed into the water. Suddenly a shark appears and tries to bite us from the dock. We quickly get into the helicopter. It looks like a bus inside. The men inform us that we'll probably have to use the wheels for most of the way. We try to go in the air but do not make it far. We hit ground and begin to ride in the helicopter like a car.


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