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Anne: SOS Skater Boy

The dream begins with me in a classroom full of people of all ages. The teacher is having us do some kind of geography project because we/re supposed to be looking up coordinates for various locations. When he calls on me, I frantically try to look up the answer on my laptop and get self-conscious because my laptop screen is a giant picture of my cat Molly. I'm worried that the person behind me is going to judge me. A boy I graduated with, ZK, tries to help me but the teacher gets annoyed and starts making fun of me. I call Elizabeth afterwards and vent about how embarrassed I am. Elizabeth tells me that there is a home for troubled youths where I can download a computer program that will help me next time. Normally, the program is very expensive but she knows someone that will give it to me for free at the home for troubled youths. She sends me the address and I walk to what looks like a rundown barn.

The barn is sandwiched in between two concreted skyscrapers in the city. Very out of place! I can hear the sound of a TV and music inside so I know people live there. This boy who is no more than sixteen-years old tells me to follow him. He looks like a stereotypical bad boy from the 90s with skater pants, a black backpack, a baggy T-shirt and a backwards hat. He his also carrying a red skateboard with stickers all over it. He walks me to what looks like a part of the barn with stables. He has a single bed in the corner and points to one of the stables. He tells me to be quiet because his brother is sleeping. I notice a card with Doc McStuffins on it that strangely matches the front of my laptop.

The card is addressed to "Breonna Madison." I know this to be his girlfriend. I try to hide the front of my laptop because I am worried that he will think I bought my laptop at an estate sale dedicated to her. He tells me he needs to see my laptop so that he can transfer the program. I get nervous and ask if maybe he can just put it on a flash-drive and I'll download it myself. He gives me a weird look but doesn't want to argue and risk waking his brother up.


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